Motivational & Public Speaking

I have travelled the world speaking to large audiences in huge auditoriums to small venues where a more personal touch was needed. Having accomplished so much 2xGold 3xSilver, Olympic Torch carrier, Paralympic Lantern holder, holding various sporting titles, coached over 3000 children within a 5 year timeframe after suffering a near fatal brain haemorrhage motivates audiences to:

Inspire. Believe. Succeed.

In their lives.

Motivational or Public speaking, what is the difference?

If you’re looking for a speaker to help your company improve teamwork, productivity and morale, then you will probably be looking for a motivational speaker. If you want somebody to speak at your

event, or fundraising dinner, then public speaking will probably be more appropriate.

How would you differentiate between the two types of speaker?

A motivational speaker will become interested in your business, finds out more about what you do, and how you operate. This will allow me to create the right sort of presentation that is designed to be unique to you. There is unlikely to be a “one size fits all” presentation, as all companies are different.

I will find out in advance what you need to achieve from the session, and incorporate this into the session. You might want to increase productivity, increase morale, or improve communication within the organisation.

A motivational speaker will have the skills and experience to help you achieve these aims. Drawing on experience and skills, I will perhaps use analogies and situations outside the workplace, to get the message across.

A good motivational speaker will follow up after the event to see how you’ve progressed. This will allow me to see how processes, procedures and perhaps even working practices have changed for the better. If things haven’t changed, I can offer ideas and advice on how you can achieve your aims.

A motivational speaker will inspire and motivate staff to improve morale and productivity. I can achieve this can by making staff feel more valued, helping to change processes or procedures, improving communication, making better use of staff’s existing skillsets and more.

A public speaker will talk about their experiences and how they were affected by them, and how their experiences have changed them, rather than relating them to a business environment.

Public speaking is ideal for functions such as fundraising dinners, and are a great way to encourage people to attend an event. Just imagine me turning up and speaking at your event!