Stress Management

I offer a wide range of stress management solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of my clients.

One to One Stress Management sessions

Using a combined approach of psychotherapeutic counselling skills, coaching, NLP and hypnosis.  The aim of these sessions is to enable the client to gain a greater resilience and flexibility of thought, feeling and behaviour.  This in turn will ultimately result in the client having an increased threshold for stress and stressful situations, thereby gaining more control of their emotional state and lives.

Relaxation Sessions

Primarily using NLP with Hypnotherapy.  These sessions are designed for the times when we need to refocus and see things more clearly; when we are overwhelmed by a person or situation or when we just need a break from the world for a while.  People find that after a relaxation session life is so much easier.  They understand that nothing has changed but everything seems changed.

Life Coaching and Time Management

These sessions are very effective because once we have mastered effective time management and the basis of life management, a great deal of the causes of stress cease to exist.

‘Executive’ Stress Management Solution

Designed for people whose performance is key to the success of any organisation.  It’s for capable, intelligent and successful individuals who, due to their need to inspire confidence in others, might not be able to admit that they are dealing with stress let alone ask for help from their associates.  A discreet, professional and flexible stress management solution is required when taking time away from work is not an option.