Pain Management

You can manage your pain with the help of hypnotherapy!

What things would you do if you could manage your pain?  Would you take a stroll in the park, go see a movie, or play with the kids? How about dinner with a friend, or an afternoon enjoying your favourite hobby?  Maybe there are things around the house that need attending to, like laundry that needs folding or floors that need mopping.  Has your pain taken you away from your job?  Would you go back to work if you could be pain free?

Whatever your pain or its cause, there is a life you still want and deserve to live.  But I know it hurts too much right now.  I understand your pain afflicts you every day and prevents you from doing these things.  Are you beginning to feel like there’s nothing that will help?

It’s highly likely that you have become angry with your body or at whatever has caused your pain.  This is a natural reaction to frustrating situations, particularly painful ones.  Unfortunately feeling this way doesn’t help matters, but the anger and frustration we turn against our body does have the ability to make matters worse.

It doesn’t seem fair that you are faced with this horrible reality, but there is hope. Inside you there’s an amazing ability to manage your pain – you just need some help tapping into it.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Have less pain and more mobility.
  • Experience renewed strength and freedom.
  • Let go of your anger and love your body!

Hypnotherapy isn’t a miracle cure for pain relief and I don’t make any such claims. However, both emotional and physical problems originate in our minds at a deeper level, so it makes sense to direct any change work where the problem lies and where it is presently maintained.

My pain management sessions includes visualization, suggestion, metaphor and advanced hypnotherapy techniques, all designed to help you carry out your ‘change work’ in a safe, comfortable manner – with the intention of  helping aid the body’s natural ability to heal and regulate pain, so you can once again feel more comfort and ease.

Through repeated listening, your mind can begin to communicate more effectively with your body, which will hopefully result in increased physical health and wellbeing. In addition, the relaxation techniques will help aid you in managing your stress and finding emotional balance.

You can use the power of hypnotherapy to manage your pain!

For more information about pain management contact me now for a brighter future.