Confidence & Self-esteem

You may live your life wishing you could do things that others seem to do with ease. You may not be living up to your true potential. Something may be stopping you taking the next step. Could that certain something be confidence?

We see people being triumphant in life and sometimes we know that these people are less talented or less intelligent than we are. But they have a belief in their ability that we lack. They have the confidence to take the first step, learn the new skill or take that risk. We can watch from the side-line and marvel at these individuals and wish that we had what they have in abundance.


We may be confident in some areas of our life but immobilised with fear in others. I know of big strong men who engage in extreme sports that are too frightened to cross a room to talk to a pretty girl. Or the CEO of a multinational organisation who has nightmares about public speaking to the extent that he will go to great length to avoid this essential part of his role.

We are all born with confidence but its seams get eroded with time. Where confidence should exist, lives fear, doubt and uncertainty.

A lack of confidence could stop you:

  • Applying for that promotion
  • Learning that new skill
  • Having a healthy and loving relationship with your partner
  • Feeling desirable
  • Leaving that abusive relationship
  • Starting a new business
  • Saying no to that bully
  • Seeing yourself as a unique and special individual
  • Becoming the finalist on X factor

And confidence could give you a life you deserve.

So for a more confident tomorrow contact me now and find out more about how Psychotherapy combined with hypnotherapy and NLP can help you achieve your goals today.