Saint Thomas CE Primary School


My school tour guided me to a local school in Stockton Heath village today, I’ve passed St Thomas many times but never had the opportunity to visit until now.

It was really lovely to be greeted by so many polite children wishing me “Good Morning”. The school was very eager for my visit and this was confirmed just by the excitement of the children. It was a lovely assembly and the questions some of the pupils were asking blew my mind.

They were soaking up the information I was giving them like a sponge and this was affirmed by the questions they were asking. Whilst having a coffee meeting last week I was approached by a lady who asked me “Are you Adrian Derbyshire”? I replied “Yes” and she said that her two daughters attend Saint Thomas and that all they could talk about for a week after my visit was just how inspiring the assembly was.

She then brought one of her daughters over to me to have a chat. I have to say, not only was I blown away but also the people whom I was having a meeting with were to. Even though my visit had been 7 weeks ago, this young girl remembered word for word what I had been saying and it really made me think just how important my Hate Crime, Disability Awareness, Going the extra mile hand cycle campaign is.

Hartford Church of England High School Sports Awards.


I was invited back to Hartford High School to present awards at their annual Sports Award Ceremony. This also gave me the opportunity to speak to the parents of the children to discuss the importance of their children being positive role models through sport, health and well being but also bullying, stigma and hate crime.

The school gave me a thirty minute window to discuss my hand cycle campaign and what I’m achieving through it. It was also very inspiring to me to present so many awards to young adults who already are achieving so much already. I have to say the response was overwhelming and it took me an hour to get out of the door at the end of the ceremony due to pupils introducing me to their parents or parents themselves offering support and well wishes. Hartford High School once again shows their support in what I’m achieving and offers their support which is wonderful to see.

Thank you to the parents, pupils and teachers for a wonderful evening.

Elton Primary School & Nursery.


Chester was my location today to see the boys and girls who go to school at Elton Primary. The weather was very cold to start with and I was a little concerned about the looming black clouds but the sun started to eventually shine and it was lovely and warm.

The school which is in Cheshire West and Chester was a lovely little school full of warmth and excitement. Staff, teachers and pupils were very excited to see what I had in store for them and they weren’t disappointed at all. Almost every pupil wanted to volunteer to join me on stage and for those who were selected, they just beamed with excitement and happiness.

Even though it was a small school, they had big hearts and it really was a joy spending the morning with them.

A special “Thanks” goes out to them all.